Building for Christ

Hey all,

Just wanted to update you about what’s been going on the past few days, and what I’ve learned.

Monday and Tuesday we spent the days building the houses. To give you an idea, we are on a mountain about 6,800 elevation. The view is amazing. The sizes of the houses are 10×12. To me, and a lot of us in the US, that’s smaller than our closets. This is their home. A family of 5 or more share this house-including one bed. I couldn’t even imagine that. From what they use to live in, to what we’ve provided, it’s crazy to think about. It really got me thinking. How many times do we take things for granted? How many times do we not realize how blessed we truly are? Here in Guatemala 50% of the babies born by the age of 5 die because they don’t get the nutrients they need. And because the water has parasites, there has never been a day that they aren’t sick. I couldn’t imagine being sick everyday.

Something I’ve learned is how much everyone works in unity and love. For what they have doesn’t seem like much to us, but to them they have what they need. They’re content. Paul talks about being content in every situation. Whatever the circumstances may be, we have everything when we have Christ. However, you can be so full of the knowledge of Christ and focus on the bible Jesus, and miss the most important thing. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus desires more of us. We are made to love Him. We are made to worship Him and Him alone. We are made to seek Him. Contrary, Jesus doesn’t want your life, He wants your heart. “If your heart is all His, He will give you all of Himself.” -Patti.

Why is love so important? You may think because God is love. And you’re right. But lets look at it different. The day that Jesus comes back, there won’t be a need for faith or hope or any of these. But there will be a need for love. -The greatest is love. Love will remain. (1Cor 13:13)
And that’s why we are here. To show the love of Christ. But not just here, to the ends of the earth. To go out beyond our comfort zone. To be obedient to God’s will.

Today we spent from 6:30am till 7:00pm dedicating, praying and singing over houses. It was a pretty full day and pretty tiring, but to say the least, it was a fantastic day. The Holy Spirit was very much there. Not only has God done amazing things to the families in accepting Christ and their hearts, but God has done amazing things in our lives and hearts too. I’ve definitely gotten closer to Christ. Heard His voice. He’s revealed things to me. And seen prayer work in so many more ways than ever before.

To God be the glory.

I want to thank all of you for keeping us in your prayers. It is very much appreciated. We could definitely feel them here.

Jurnee R. 🙂


Stitches Saved the Day

Shortly after we arrived at the village we began the relational ministry and medical clinic. One of our team members brought a little boy named Walter about 5 years old into the clinic. He had an open swelling wound on his wrist.

Dan Smith said he was goinng to need stitches after we were done with the clinic. After we were done with the clinic the stitches began. His mother held him while the shots were given to help lessen the pain and the stitches began. We had team members praying beside him and other ones helping hold him and keep him focused and calm.

This was painful to watch. Yet it was encouraging to know that if we were not called to that village on that day that little boy could have had a very severe infection that could cripple him for life.

This was a profound reminder of how the body works together to do what God has called us to do. Each member was needed today to engage and minister to bring healing and hope to this village. The testimonies that were shared was specifically for the people in this village.

Thank you family and friends for your continued support and prayers that have made this all possible.

The building begins! Tomorrow we go to the village and meet our families that we will be with for the next 3 building days. Please pray the relationships will start to grow right away and for God to continue softening their hearts.

I will be posting pictures tomorrow of our little boy, Walter.

The Best Day of My Life

“The Best Day of My Life” was one team member’s response to yesterday’s first day of ministry.

Our 3 van caravan headed out for the 3 hour trek to the village. Let me just say after driving on these up and down, curvy and rock filled roads I don’t think any of our team will be complaining about Michigan roads for a VERY long time. Or complain about the Michigan traffic, We had pigs, cows and dogs randomly decide they owned the road and we would have to slow down and go around them.

As we pulled up to the village there were lines of the village people young and old waiting for us. We were greeted with kisses on the cheeks from the older ladies, many hand shakes and the little kids just looked right into our eyes with a very shy and unsure grin. The uncomfortable and shy moments only lasted for a few minutes as we brought out the toys to break the ice.

Bubbles, Frisbees, Soccer balls, hair ties and nail polish became ministry tools in the hands of our team. We were showing them love and joy and that we truly cared just by simply sitting and taking the time to be with them. This broke down the walls from the adult men right down to the littlest child. And the medical clinic was busy the entire time while the local team team diagnosed their symptoms and our team handed out the prescriptions and eye glasses.

Later in the night we started the movie of Jesus’ life and shared testimonies. As the alter call was presented almost every single person in the village came forward. We prayed for healing, hearts to be restored and many many other things as the whole team got to minister one on one with the people.

My favorite part was when the pastor of the village stood up and thanked us over and over again saying God worked today in ways He has not yet done. He said this village now knows the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Please take a moment to pray for each person that accepted Christ that God will continue to solidify in their hearts the great great great work that He has started.

Today is another village same type of ministry but different hurts, different fears and a different stories behind each person that we ministered to. Please continue to pray for God to move in their hearts.

We Made It!

Our trip began this morning at 4:15am at the Grand Rapids airport. After a layover in Atlanta, bumpy 2 hour van ride and unloading almost 50 pieces of luggage we finally made it to the base! All 25 of us alive and well wide eyed and expecting great things this week.

The team jumped into serving right away. We unloaded all the donated gifts and items that we brought. Thank you so much for everyone that donated medical supplies, gifts for the children and for the families we are building homes for! The people here are getting their physical needs met and spiritual needs. We sorted all the items for the busy week ahead. Then the real fun started!

We went down to the Paradise Bound orphanage that is part of the base. We got to love on, cuddle, play and laugh with the 13 adorable babies and children that are here. What a gift to be able to show them the simple but powerful love of Jesus.

We closed out our night with worshiping God wholeheartedly and focusing on Him. Dan Smith challenged us to “Live from the Inside Out”. He gave a great reminder that it’s through our personal relationship with God that we will be ministering this week.

Tomorrow is medical clinics! We have a TON of supplies to hand out and 25 team members that are excited for many God ordained appointments. Please pray for great weather, open hearts, physical and spiritual healing to take place tomorrow.

Thank you for being right here along with us with your prayers.